After my mother died, I was going through her scrapbooks and found this poem. I was thrilled that she’d saved it,  and  remembered what my teacher said to me when I responded to her “See me” comment.

“You should think about being a writer,” Sister Rose said. (I can’t remember her real name, of course.)



It took me a few years, but here is the book, Sister Rose. Hope you like it, and thank you to everyone else who encouraged me along the way: To Judy “Redbird” Bridges, my friend and editor, and my friend Dave Blank.  He did the cover and formatting.

To Kim Suhr for keeping it all going.

Thanks to Jeannee, Robert, Pam, Maura, and Marjorie, my readers, and all of the RedBird-RedOak writers who have listened to my stories over and over again and given me great feed back time after time.

And thanks to my family: Jim and Linda, and my dad. He’s 95 and failing, and can’t understand what an ebook is. But when I told him the book was up on Kindle, he seemed happy for me and asked what the first print was. I told him 10,000!  May as well be optimistic.

And thanks, Pam for helping me with the website.


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